Other Information - About Courtprep

Courtprep was originally created in 2003 as a bilingual, interactive educational resource to help young people prepare for testifying in court.   It provided a virtual courtroom tour and included an explanation of court proceedings and witness preparation tips in an engaging way.

Courtprep was launched as a "site developed by youth, for youth."   It was created through a partnership between a dedicated group of Scarborough Ontario youth, with The Scarborough Hospital Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Centre and Boost for Kids, funded by the Department of Justice Canada.

Courtprep was used by a wide audience and became a valuable resource for court preparation, victim services and high school law classes with over 1,000 websites linking directly to the site.

Courtprep was developed using Adobe Macromedia Flash, a software that allowed content and animations to be created.  When Flash was discontinued on December 31, 2020, Courtprep became inaccessible.

Recognizing Courtprep's value and potential, the goal was to rebuild and update the website, using new technologies and teaming up with many of the original collaborators.

We are grateful to The Law Foundation of Ontario for supporting this initiative.