Justice Process - Not Guilty Plea

If the accused does not admit responsibility, they will plead "not guilty."  In this case, a trial date is set, or another date will be made for the accused to return to court.

Why does the accused go to court before the trial?

The accused may attend court several times before the trial, so the court can monitor the progress of the case.  During this time:

  • The accused will get information on the charges against them, hire a lawyer, or go through legal aid if they cannot afford a lawyer.
  • The accused can get information about the charges against them and discuss the possibility of resolving the charge.
  • The Crown prosecutor will give information or a copy of the evidence they have, including the complainant's statement, to the accused and their lawyer.
  • The judge, lawyers and police officers will decide on a date for a trial date or a preliminary hearing if one is requested by the Crown or the accused.

The victim and other witnesses do not have to be at court each time the accused person goes to court.