This may be done at a sentencing hearing and may take another few weeks.  You may be present in the courtroom if you choose to be.

The staff at the Victim/Witness Assistance Program can give you some guidelines about how to write a statement.

Check your phone book for the CICB office, or call the Ministry of the Attorney General in your province/territory for more information.

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Witness Tips – After Court

After you have finished testifying, the trial may continue with other witnesses.  Here are some tips to help you after you have given your evidence.

  • Remember not to discuss the evidence with anyone until the case is completed.  You may need to testify more than once.  (The first time is usually at the hearing before trial called the preliminary hearing.  The next time may be at the trial).

  • When the judge has listened to all the witnesses from both sides, he or she will decide if the Crown prosecutor has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused person is guilty of the offence.

  • The judge may not make a decision right away.  If the case is long and difficult, he or she may take several days or weeks to decide.

  • When the the judge makes the decision, you may be present in the courtroom if you choose to be.  Discuss this with the Crown prosecutor.

  • Remember, if the accused is found "not guilty", that does not mean the police, attorneys or the judge did not believe what you said.  There may not have been enough evidence to convict the accused person.

  • If the judge decides that the accused is guilty, the judge will also decide on the consequences the guilty person will face.  

  • You may be asked if you want to write a Victim Impact Statement for the sentencing hearing to tell the court how the crime has affected you.  

  • Do something calming and relaxing for yourself after the trial is finished.  Congratulate yourself for a job well done! You have survived the court process and now you can move ahead with your life!

  • In some provinces/territories, there is a Criminal Injuries Compensation Board that can provide money to a victim of a violent crime, or in certain situations, someone who is responsible for paying the bills of the victim.  

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