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Justice Process – Police Report

Reporting a crime to the police can be a very personal decision.  If a decision to report is made, it is best to report as soon as possible.  Keep in mind, however, there is no time limit on reporting most crimes.

How to report a crime

  • Contact your local police service by telephone
  • Go in person to the nearest police station
  • Talk to any police officer you may see
  • Ask someone you trust to call the police for you
  • If you are reporting a sexual or domestic assault, a Sexual Assault Care Centre in your area can help you

What will happen next?

  • Officer will speak to the complainant (the person reporting the crime)
  • Officer will take enough information to complete a police report
  • Officer will assist the complainant in getting the medical attention he/she may need
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» 6 Not Guilty Plea » 7 Plea Bargain » 8 Preliminary Hearing » 9 Trial » 10 Judgment
» 11 Sentencing » 12 Appeal