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Court Quiz

The Court Quiz is for everybody. How much do you know about court? Try it and see how well you do!

1. Who gives support and information about court to victims and witnesses who will be testifying?
  Parents and friends
  Court secretary
  Victim/Witness Assistance Program
2. Who records everything that is said in the courtroom?
  The witness
  The court reporter
  The judge
  The court secretary
3. If the lawyer asks a question the witness does not understand, the witness should . . .
  Ask for a recess
  Say, "I don't understand the question"
  Make up the answer so as not to appear stupid
  Pretend not to hear the question
4. What should the witness do when asked an embarrassing question?
  Tell the lawyer that you are too embarrassed to answer the question
  Refuse to answer the question
  Tell the court what happened even if it is difficult and embarrassing
  Shrug your shoulders
5. During cross-examination the witness should . . .
  Make sure the question is understood before answering
  Answer the question truthfully
  Answer only the questions that are asked
  All of the above
6. What does the term "Crown" mean in a court of law?
  One of the symbols on the Canadian Coat of Arms
  The tiara worn by the Queen in her portraits
  The lawyer representing the public
  The judge's seating area
7. A victim of a crime can describe how the crime has affected their life by . . .
  Writing a Victim Impact Statement
  Calling the judge at home
  Holding a press conference
  Making a website
8. Why do people in the courtroom have to stand when the judge enters and exits the courtroom?
  The judge is able to see everyone better
  It is an outdated ritual that we haven't done away with yet
  It shows respect for the position of the judge
9. The accused can not be forced to testify because . . .
  The defence lawyer is paid to testify for the accused person
  The law says an accused person cannot be forced to testify against him or herself
  The accused must be silent during the trial
  Their testimony would interfere with the investigation
10. What is the role of a defence lawyer?
  To test the evidence, to try to show that the evidence isn't strong enough to support a conviction
  To defend everyone involved in the trial
  To defend society by making sure criminals are brought to justice
  To defend victims by proving the accused is guilty