This website was designed and developed by youth for youth who are preparing to testify in court.  This project has been made possible through the partnership of Sexual Assault Care Centre, The Scarborough Hospital and Toronto Child Abuse Centre. We hope you have found this website helpful.

The Website Team

Project Director
Shirley Broekstra

Project Leader
Russell Bronson

Graphics and Interactive Design
Damian Novacco
Elanthiryan Sivapathasundaram

Sirisenthuran Sivananthan

Contributing Research and Authors
Shirley Broekstra
Dianne Brett
Kiran Dhaliwal
Barbara McIntyre

Coding and Technical Assistance
Thanancheyan Ehamparam
Gowsikan Thevamanokaran
Umiyal Sivananthan
Casthoory Viswanathan


Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee is comprised of professionals representing the field of law from across Canada.

Community Partners
Scarborough Court Victim/Witness
    Assistance Programme
Toronto Police Services
Bridlewood Chapter IODE

Individual Contributions
Karyn Kennedy
Clarissa Adams
Annie Nicholson
Adrienne Cossom
Cathryn Cooper
Jean-Francois Flores
Nicole Sang-Male

We would like to express our gratitude for the financial support from Justice Canada.


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